Bad English the III

Bad English the III

During the Global Pandemic of 2021, two women meet for an interview in a London hotel room. The subject? An unsolved 1989 robbery, known as "The Oxford Street Bank Holiday Heist," that left one owner with retrograde amnesia and the other clinging to life. From behind a sunflower mask, Robbin relates a crazy story to reporter Britt Starling involving David "DJ" Jones.

Fending off perceived taunts of bigotry while blaming his father for his mother's untimely passing, seventeen-year-old DJ wields an attitude as forceful as his precious "axe." At his wit's end, after learning he won't be graduating with his new senior class, the devastated teen is soon getting in and out of trouble with an English accent.

Meeting the girl of his dreams, Veronica, while avoiding his childhood nemesis, DJ risks losing it all with the unexpected arrival of his enigmatic grandfather. Will DJ choose to do the right thing? Or is being bad more fun?

Come along with David English Jones in a unique coming-of-age story with an equal blend of suspense, romance, and laugh-out-loud comedy where nothing or no one is quite what they seem. Shop today!


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